Government Risk Pools & Joint Insurance Funds

Mitigate risk, enhance resilience & lower insurance premiums

Our cybersecurity service solutions are customized to perfectly fit the distinct needs of your pools & funds, keeping you ahead of rising rates & avoiding cyber claims.


D2’s acts as a seamless extension of your own team

Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with Government Risk Pools and Joint Insurance Funds, we have developed a deep understanding of member dynamics, allowing us to streamline the introduction of Cybersecurity Services. We prioritize transparency, regular dialogue, and adherence to schedules to keep everyone fully informed, committed to security, and having a well-oiled machine.

Gov Risk Pool and Joint Insurance Fund Collaborative Diagram

The best cyber solutions succeed when they are skillfully managed

While ensuring that everyone is working towards the same strategic security objectives,  D2 will lead the way in executing your cyber service rollout for a seamless launch! Our experienced technicians will handle the following:


Keep track of your clients' statistics from a single location

Through Insight, our Enterprise Service Management and Reporting Portal, GRP’s and JIF’s can conveniently and securely access all of their clients’ information. D2’s secure Insight Portal offers GRPs & JIFs the following:

Insight Portal Members

Equip your clients with a clear view of their users' cyber posture

Your clients gain access to their own Insight portal where they can:

Testimonial icon
D2 Cybersecurity training has enabled Jefferson to reduce the largest threat vector to the network, which is system users. Their comprehensive training modules and managed phishing campaigns enabled us to quickly educate our users to the threats of online malicious actors. D2 Cyber training was the first step in changing Jefferson’s users’ network and online habits. Clearly a foundational piece to a successful Cyber Security strategy for any organization operating online.
Shawn Hopkins
CTO Jefferson Township