We standout by raising the training standard​

We Take The Administration Burden Off You

Implementing a new training program often requires a lot of extra time and effort, which is why we take care of all the heavy lifting for you! By relying on D2, your organization can meet its training goals without significantly impacting its schedule.

Easy Administration

Don’t spend hours trying to get a new training program off the ground. Let D2 take care of it for you! We can help you reach your goals without any extra work. Our trained experts can manage the small stuff, like resetting passwords, delivering completion certificates, and troubleshooting courseware. 

  • Easy Initial Installation
  • LMS Maintenance / Easy way to track user completion
  • On-Demand Reports

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Searching through countless courses just to find the content you need can be a massive waste of time. Instead of providing generic solutions, D2 offers each client a customized program based on a curated list of courseware. We deliver a tailored, “ready-to-go” training package that truly reflects the kind of digital threats your staff may encounter. You’ll also receive user performance updates to help monitor your organization’s progress.

  • Curated Courseware for your industry
  • Yearly Progress Updates/ Highlights Package
  • Customized Subset of Courses based on your organization schedule
  • Courses contains relevant and useful information learners can use to enhance their awareness and cyber culture, at work and at home.

Explore our cyber awareness education programs:
SAFE Program: Educational Institutions
CORE Program: Government & Business

Advanced Phishing Campaigns​

Advanced Phishing Campaigns

D2’s PhishIQ is a powerful phishing framework that makes it easy to test your organization’s exposure to phishing. Our campaigns are designed to replicate the most effective tactics used against your industry. Our Phishing scenarios are updated frequently to ensure that all content matches the latest in intrusion methodologies and tactics. We use and develop new Phishing campaigns quarterly based on what has happened to similar peers in your industry and department. As an example, we “spoof” the emails of key leaders within your organization and pretend to be them in order to ask for sensitive information. To keep your staff at the top of their game, our progressive difficulty level campaign design delivers increasingly believable phishing attempts as their detection skills improve. Our team will also help resolve any issues related to receiving campaign emails.

  • Whitelisting/Greylisting Support
  • Tailor-made Templates
  • Instant User Remediation

Frequent Cyber Security Messaging

When you rely on D2 for security awareness training, you become part of a unified cyber safety community. We make it our responsibility to keep our clients up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity news. By joining our network of clients, you’ll gain direct access to information about community threats and recent cyber attacks within your industry. You’ll also benefit from our detailed instructions on how to avoiding becoming the next victim.

  • Community Threat Sharing
  • “Security Tips” Posters
  • Informative Blog Posts and Case Studies relevant to industry

We’ve optimized cybersecurity training for Schools, Municipalities, and Small Businesses

Our team has helped organizations of all sizes grow a stronger culture of cyber awareness. 

K-12 Public / Private Schools, and Universities

Schools and other learning facilities are the leading victims of cyberattacks. The SAFE Program is specifically designed to provide educators with the skills required to protect the private information of their students and staff.

Municipalities, Small / Medium Businesses

With residents and employees numbering in the thousands, municipalities and small businesses must be prepared to defend against digital threats. The CORE Program offers specialized training on keeping your workplace cyber safe.

Better Service. Better Education. Better Results.

Through our full-service & support management, we’ve created the definitive platform to take your workforce's cybersecurity awareness to the next level.

Effortless Implementation

Set up in under an hour by one of our technical specialists who can manage the installation, enrollment, and rollout.

Targeted Phishing Campaigns

We create simulated attacks tailored to your business that will truly test your staff’s awareness skills.

Community Threat Sharing

As one of our customers, you’ll join a network that benefits from users sharing information on current threats.

Personalized LMS

Manage, track, and review your staff's training goals in one convenient learning management environment.

On-demand Reporting

Our INSIGHT portal generates on-demand detailed reports to review user progress quickly and easily.

Concierge Support Service

Our support personnel will address your organization’s specific needs with the attention they deserve.​

D2 Cybersecurity vs. The Competition

The typical time costs of implementing a cyber program throughout the year - with more users, comes more time and effort for support and phishing activities​