Manage & Control Your Cybersecurity Risk Effectively

We work with your organization, risk advisors, and insurance carriers to implement a tailored Cyber Risk Management Program that improves your security posture and reduces liabilities

The Expertise & Insight You Need

At D2, we understand that keeping up with the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity can be tough. That’s why our team of experts will handle most of the administrative burdens related to running a successful cyber risk reduction program for your organization. We’ll work directly with your IT department or Managed Service Provider (MSP) to create a plan that perfectly fits your specific goals and budget. As your strategic partner in cybersecurity, you can rely on D2 to help reduce your cyber risk.

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State & Local Government and Education (SLED) Communities

D2 provides cybersecurity services to over 300 K-12 schools, universities, municipalities, and counties. This experience has allowed us to tailor our cyber risk reduction program to meet the needs of SLED communities. Our team will help your organization reduce cyber risk and provide a lot of the services and procedures to fit within your annual schedule and budget.

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Small &
Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses often don’t have the resources to provide their staff with effective cyber awareness training, making them an easy target for hackers. That’s where we come in. For as little as $1,000, D2 will design a cyber risk reduction program that is tailored to your organization’s training goals. You can rely on us to help reduce your cyber risk without breaking the bank.

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Joint Insurance Funds & Government Risk Pools

D2’s history of working with Joint Insurance Funds and Government Risk Pools has provided us with an understanding of the relationship between these groups and their members. By leveraging this insight, we have created a cyber risk reduction program that helps clients protect their private information while lowering their insurance premiums. Let our experts demonstrate how to successfully manage your organization’s cyber risk starting today!


A Holistic Approach Tailored to You

The best defense against cyber threats is to create a strategically balanced and integrated plan based on the technology, people, and processess within your organization.
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Cyber Awareness Training

The foundation of cybersecurity is education. With the proper training, your employees will learn how to protect their computer and private information from cybercriminals.

Threat Analysis / Gap Assessment

A threat analysis or gap assessment is an operational audit of your organization’s IT environment. The results help our cybersecurity experts locate and resolve vulnerabilities in your network.

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Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Understanding the latest techniques used by hackers is imperative to remaining cyber safe. We test and assess your network’s defenses against a variety of attack tactics to help improve your cyber security posture.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

We will work with you to design an effective and executable recovery plan which addresses the real impacts on your business operations. Having this is crucial in the event you are targeted by a cyber attack.