Is your organization trained to defend against cybercrime?

D2 Cybersecurity Training is the essential first step in reinforcing your IT cyber policies/guidelines and increasing vigilance towards future cyber threats.

Are Your Employees Cyber Vigilant?

Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent in our new digital world. This can critically affect your organization, expose client information, and have high monetary costs. The weakest link is often between the computer and the chair, which is why educating and training your workforce is essential to protecting your network and company assets.

D2 Cybersecurity and the Center for Cybersecurity at Kean University have partnered to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity training program to ensure that your workforce is prepared to identify and avoid the latest security exploits.


Learn How D2 Can Help Engage Your Employees

On-site Gap Survey

The first step toward creating cyber awareness is to do an initial assessment of a group of employees to form a baseline to identify gaps within your organization.


Common Core Knowledge

The next step introduces our interactive educational modules, which form the foundational building blocks of the awareness program. Users develop critical thinking skills for solving cybersecurity problems.


Tasks/Policies & Procedures (Skills & Certifications)

Users are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their cybersecurity awareness education to meaningful practice. Users develop skills that can be transferred to everyday usage.


Bite-size Message Updates

Repetitive messaging over time is a vital key to the formation of cyber-awareness within your organization. We are always improving course material and phishing scenarios as new information becomes relevant.

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