Harnessing the Power of Collaboration: D2 Cybersecurity at The NJ League of Municipalities Conference 2023

NJ League of Municipalities Annual Conference 2023

D2 Cybersecurity recently attended the renowned League of Municipalities Conference, a key event for municipal government and technology leaders. As committed NJGMIS corporate partners since 2017, the conference was an excellent opportunity for us to further our commitment to improving online security in New Jersey’s local governments.

Our Experience at the League of Municipalities Conference:

The League of Municipalities Conference is a key event where various experts gather to share ideas and knowledge for improving city governance and services. It’s a place full of innovation and crucial discussions, especially for public sector leaders and technology specialists.

At the conference, our team, led by Vice President Brian Lau and Public Sector Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor Michael Esolda, played an active role. We dove into deep discussions about the evolving world of cybersecurity, focusing on how it impacts the safety and well-being of local governments. Our participation not only allowed us to contribute to these important conversations but also to gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing municipalities in the digital age.

Key Takeaway from the Conference:

Michael Geraghty, Director of NJCCIC pointed out that it’s unrealistic for cities to tackle worldwide cyber threats on their own. He emphasized the need for a collective defense strategy that focuses on cooperation, early threat detection, and sharing intelligence. This approach resonated with us because it aligns with D2 Cybersecurity’s principles and highlights the necessity of joint efforts in fortifying cyber defenses.

In addition, our interactions with leaders like Bernadette Kucharczuk, CIO of Jersey City, and other attendees, further emphasized the significance of partnerships in creating resilient cybersecurity frameworks for municipalities.

Building Stronger Defenses for Tomorrow’s Municipalities:

Reflecting on the conference’s insights, we at D2 Cybersecurity are more committed than ever to assist local governments in their cybersecurity initiatives. Incorporating these learnings into our services represents a significant step in our mission to create a safer digital environment for local governments.

We are motivated to apply these insights to enhance our offerings and collaborations, making a substantial contribution to establishing stronger and more secure digital infrastructures for cities. Our journey continues with increased determination and a clearer vision, striving to empower local governments against evolving cyber threats.

To learn more about how we tailor our cybersecurity solutions for state governments and local municipalities, and how these can benefit your organization, feel free to explore our State Governments & Local Municipalities page. Here, you’ll find detailed information and insights that resonate with your specific needs and challenges.

In summary, the League of Municipalities Conference was a valuable source of knowledge and opportunities, reminding us of our role and potential in shaping a digitally secure future for city governments. We are enthusiastic about developing stronger partnerships and innovative solutions in our pursuit of this objective.

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