Serious Games

Reinforcing learning objectives in an engaging way

The SAFE program is much more than a series of courses, it’s a new way to learn. By combining cutting-edge gaming technology with our proven educational methodology, we’ve produced a collection of “Serious Games” that remain engaging as they teach.

Put your cybersecurity skills to the test by becoming a Cyber Sleuth!

Mr. Appleseed’s computer class has been hacked! As the school’s resident Cyber Sleuth, players will investigate suspicious events, gather clues, and use deductive reasoning to learn what causes a cyber-attack. By uncovering the facts, students will begin building better habits and a more responsible approach toward protecting digital information.

Learn to locate and protect private information as a Digital Detective

Class has ended, but you can’t leave just yet! Some of your classmates have left behind items containing personal information. Students will take on the role of a Digital Detective and use their knowledge of cybersecurity best practices to hide, lock up, or destroy documents that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

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