SAFE Program

Cybersecurity awareness for educators, built by educators

Security Awareness: The First Step to Prevention

The education sector is the highest at-risk target for cyber security attacks leading to increases in data breaches costing schools time and money. To secure your highly prized data assets and defend against cyber threats, D2 Cybersecurity, a leader in cybersecurity instruction, has developed the Security Awareness for Educators (SAFE) program, the most cost effective step you and your school can take to prevent a data breach.

we're setting a new standard

We're Setting a New Standard​

The SAFE program sets the standard by delivering specialized courseware that helps educators recognize cyber threats in school environments, while promoting behavior changes for effective cyber safety. Clients who received phishing emails had click rates between 20%-35% but that rate drops to 1.5% with the SAFE program

Teachers will receive 2 Professional Development credits for completing the SAFE program, which no other cyber awareness program currently offers.

Insurance companies payout almost five times the amount they collect against cyber attack claims, our program can effectively lower your school district’s cyber insurance premiums and deductibles by reducing your risk and the possibility of rate hikes.

Effortless Implementation

Set-up and implementation of the SAFE program by one of our dedicated technical specialists takes under an hour.  We manage the installation, enrollment, and roll-out of the program within your school district.

The SAFE Program Courses

Acceptable Use Policy

Data Security & Sharing Risks

Web Browsing Safety

Insider Threat

Password Essentials

Impersonation & Identity Theft

Mobile Security

Wireless Networks

Social Engineering

Ransomware Attacks

Phishing & E-mail Attacks

Working Remotely

Serious Games

Serious Gaming is how the SAFE program makes learning fun! Studies show that learners retain more information when they’re engaged with the subject material. Our gamification process takes the most crucial aspects of protecting private information and presents it in a way that keeps players interested.

Making a Difference

Through participation in the SAFE program, educators will acquire valuable knowledge to improve their ability to identify and respond to potential cyber threats, safeguard sensitive data, and protect their school from becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Act now to make a difference in safeguarding your school’s digital infrastructure.