Prevent Cyber Attacks with our
Security Awareness: The First Step to Prevention

The education sector has become the highest at-risk target for a cyber security attack leading to an increase in data breaches costing the school districts time and money. To secure your highly prized data assets from students and faculty and help defend against cyber threats, D2 Cybersecurity, a leader in cybersecurity instruction, has developed the Security Awareness for Educators (SAFE) program, the most cost effective step you and your school can take to prevent a data breach.

Setting a new standard

Our cybersecurity experts had one goal in mind: provide school administrators and teachers like you with the knowledge and awareness skills needed to prevent and protect your school and yourselves from a cyberattack. The SAFE program sets the standard by delivering unique, specialized courseware that demonstrates situations and warning signs typical in a school environment and the behavior changes needed for effective cyber safety. The SAFE program is proven to reduce malicious clicks by 90 percent within the first year of implementation.

Effortless Implementation

The D2 Cybersecurity SAFE program can be set-up and implemented in under an hour by one of our dedicated technical specialists who can manage the installation, enrollment, and roll-out of the program within your school district.

Making a Difference

With the SAFE program, you can take a stand against cybercrime and the ever-increasing recovery costs of a data breach. If security awareness education is the first step for preventing an attack, then your participation in the SAFE program with its up to date training content and instruction can help you make a difference by preventing your school from becoming the next cyber victim.

The SAFE Program Courses
  • Web Browsing Safety
  • Phishing & E-mail Attacks
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Identity Theft
  • Password Essentials
  • Data Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Insider Threats
  • Impersonation
The SAFE Advantage

Effortless Implementation

Community Threat Sharing

Targeted Phishing Campaigns

Personalized Learning
Management System

On-Demand Reporting

Concierge Support Service

D2 Cybersecurity is proud to offer our SAFE program
through the NJSBA TEC COOP

NAME: NJSBA Contract
Number: E-8801-ACESCPS

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