Pen Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

We poke holes in your system architecture to better secure you

Pen Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

Improving the security of your network is a complex and constant process. Our experts will test your network against the latest hacking techniques to assess where the most impactful improvements can be made.
Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

What Does Testing Accomplish?

Precise Identification of Vulnerabilities
Automated network scanning software does not provide the amount of information or level of detail required to properly defend against advanced cyber crimes.

Thorough Recognition of Exploitability
As important as it is to locate vulnerabilities, understanding how large of a risk each vulnerability creates is far more critical.

Deeper Understanding of Threats
Knowing which adversaries are most likely to target your organization will allow us to more accurately test your defenses by mimicking their specific tactics.

How We Approach Pen Testing

The penetration test is approached from a hacker’s perspective. Vendor will attempt to gain access and compromise the network in the same manners that a malicious outsider would, without of course, the end goal of causing harm. A final report will be provided, detailing our findings and recommending measures that need to be taken to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and data. Vendor takes extreme caution throughout the process to ensure that sensitive information is kept strictly confidential.

Get Our Scoping Questionnaire

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Pen Testing Services

Our services can include:
  • Network (External, Internal, Wireless)
  • Web Application/Web Services
  • Social Engineering