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K-12 Schools

The education sector is the highest at-risk target for cybersecurity attacks leading to increases in data breaches costing schools time and money.

To secure your highly prized data assets and defend against cyber threats, D2 Cybersecurity, a leader in cybersecurity instruction, has developed the Security Awareness for Educators (SAFE) program, the most cost effective step you and your school can take to prevent a data breach.

“A new cybersecurity incident strikes K-12 schools nearly every three days”



As cities become more dependent on IP-based procedures to provide services to residents, the risk of becoming a target of cybercrimes has drastically increased. Municipal networks and databases are especially attractive to hackers, as they contain a wealth of confidential information about their citizens. You can trust D2 Cybersecurity to provide your staff with the training required to help reduce risk and keep your city safe.

“Two-thirds of ransomware attacks in 2019 targeted state and local governments”


Small Businesses

When it comes to cyber-attacks, small businesses are some of the biggest victims. Hackers know that companies with fewer employees often lack the staff or training to protect private information properly. With over 58% of malware attacks targeting SMBs, now is the time to make cybersecurity a top priority for your business.

Get in touch with D2 Cybersecurity today to learn how our awareness training can create a safer cyber culture for your company.

“55% of Small Businesses Cite Resources and Knowledge as Challenges to Cyber Security Planning.”

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