Cybersecurity Readiness for
Cyber Threats and Utilities

Cybersecurity in the energy sector is absolutely crucial for protecting critical infrastructure. According to Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT), 32% of the 245 cybersecurity incidents acted upon involved the energy sector in 2014 and 59% in 2013. When a breach does occur, it not only affects that facility, but can impact the entire nation. A 2014 federal analysis reported by the Wall Street Journal demonstrated that if only 9 of the 55,000 electrical substations were to go down from attacks, a nationwide blackout would occur. Effective training and protocol is essential to foster a cyber vigilant culture and reduce the opportunities for malicious attacks to occur.

What is at Stake?
  • Transportation
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Power grid
  • Water systems
  • Productivity and lifestyle

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