Cybersecurity Readiness for
Cyber Threats and Small Business

Every day the news reports of new cybersecurity attacks in large, well-known companies. What is not reported are the growing number of small businesses that are being targeted. 
According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Report, 71% of data breaches in 2014 occurred in small businesses with fewer than 100 people. In these environments, everyone must contribute to protect themselves and company assets from potential threats. According to the 2014 Cisco Corporation Annual Security Report, human error or policy misuse contributes to 94% of data breaches in small businesses. Effective training can diminish vulnerabilities previously allowed by employees and help them to be proactive about cybersecurity in the workplace.

What is at Stake?
  • Revenue
  • Confidential customer and supplier data
  • Personal employee data
  • Customer trust

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