Cybersecurity Readiness for
Cyber Threats and Finance

The finance and banking sector is one of the most highly targeted for cyber criminals. Repercussions of a breach of this nature could be devastating to the company compromised and the public economy. According to the 2014 New York State Department of Financial Services Report on Cybersecurity in the Banking Sector, half of respondents of small to large banking institutions reported that they need to modify their strategy to assess new risks or they need to investigate further to understand the risks. Effective training can address these needs, specific to each organization. Furthermore, it was reported that the most common barriers to ensuring information security were the increasing sophistication of threats (71%) and emerging technologies (53%). By utilizing training that can be rapidly modified, courseware can evolve alongside these threats.

What is at Stake?
  • Global financial stability
  • Account integrity
  • Identity protection
  • Secure trading/stock markets
  • Secure mobile transactions
  • ATM usage/convenience

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