Cybersecurity Readiness for
Cyber Threats and Corporations

“…The weakest link is often human error...Companies should invest in employee security-training programs. To keep their data and networks safe, it is essential to arm even the most junior employees with the tools they need to contribute.”
Fortune; Feb 17, 2015

All corporations, large or small, are potential targets to cyber criminals. While most American CEOs agree that cybersecurity is strategically important and a concerning issue, knowing the problem is only half the battle. That’s where D2 Cybersecurity Training comes in. Our Cybersecurity Readiness course provides all staff with critical awareness education as an essential first step in reinforcing your IT cyber policies/guidelines and increasing vigilance towards future cyber threats.

What is at Stake?
  • Financial and sales records
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Point of sale transactions
  • Customer, partner, vendor, and employee confidential data
  • Company reputation

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