It’s Time For Your Cybersecurity Well-Check

Schedule a complimentary  Cybersecurity Well-Check call with your account manager to review your current Cyber Risk Management Program and ensure that you’re incorporating best-practice techniques and policies.

Holistic Cybersecurity Solutions for Schools & Municipalities

There’s more to D2 Cybersecurity than you may realize. We specialize in NJ-based schools and municipalities and offer streamlined cyber programs, expertise, and insight needed to reduce risk.
cyber awareness

Cyber Awareness Training

The foundation of cybersecurity is education. With the proper training, your employees will learn how to protect their computer and private information from cybercriminals.

Threat Analysis / Gap Assessment

A threat analysis or gap assessment is an operational audit of your organization’s IT environment. The results help our cybersecurity experts locate and resolve vulnerabilities in your network.

pen testing

Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Understanding the latest techniques used by hackers is imperative to remaining cyber safe. We test and assess your network’s defenses against a variety of attack tactics to help improve your cyber security posture.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

We will work with you to design an effective and executable recovery plan which addresses the real impacts on your business operations. Having this is crucial in the event you are targeted by a cyber attack.

NJ Schools and Municipalities We Work With

Connect With Your D2 Cybersecurity Account Manager

We work with over 400 municipalities and schools within NJ, so we know how hard it is for administrative staff and IT departments to navigate the complicated and resource-intensive world of cybersecurity. Changing priorities and mandates make keeping up nearly impossible.

As your trusted cybersecurity partner, we’re here to build a sustainable cybersecurity program that will keep your processes, technology, and people safe and compliant.

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