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Building a first line of defense through cyber awareness training

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Protect the Privacy of your Community with the CORE Program

Government & Businesses across the country are being targeted by cyber criminals at a higher rate than ever before. Educating your staff on identifying threats such as ransomware, phishing attacks, and data theft is the first step toward preventing an attack. To assist your workforce in this mission, D2 Cybersecurity has developed the Cybersecurity Online Reassurance Education (CORE) program.

Securing Private Information

Securing Private Information

The CORE Program delivers cybersecurity awareness courses designed to teach users the skills needed to recognize the warning signs of a cyber attack against your municipality’s private information. Our content is updated frequently to ensure that your staff can remain vigilant against the latest threats.

Before training, our clients reported phishing e-mail click rates of 20%-35%. That rate dropped to 1.5% after using the awareness skills provided by the CORE Program.

Insurance companies payout almost five times the amount they collect against cyber attack claims, our program can cost effectively lower your premiums and deductibles by reducing your risk and the possibility of rate hikes.

We Make Implementation Simple

Getting started with the CORE Program is quick and effortless. Upon receiving a list of users, our support staff working with your IT coordinator will have your campaign prepared in under an hour.  We also manage the enrollment and roll-out of the program without requiring any further assistance. All reports and applications are delivered directly to your email, allowing you to train your staff with zero additional burden.


The CORE Program Courses

Acceptable Use Policy

Office Security

Social Engineering

Insider Threat

Password Essentials

Impersonation & Identity Theft

Mobile Security

Wireless Networks

Ransomware Attacks

Phishing & E-mail Attacks

Web Browsing Safety

Data Security & Sharing Risks