Customization & Branding

Cybersecurity education and training does not need to be a one-size-fits-all approach. With D2’s multimedia production facility, we can customize any assets that support your pursuit of threat reduction in your workforce. We can include your policies and procedures, and redevelop courseware that adheres to your stylistic branding guidelines.

Development of a branded suite of training products that includes:
  • Logo on the front page and header of the LMS.
  • Logo on email messages, remediation pages, and landing pages of phishing scenarios.
  • Branded player using your organization's color scheme and logo.
  • Video message from your executive leadership.
  • Branching decision-based scenarios filmed on location.
Development of a custom suite of training products that includes:
  • Company specific policy/procedures.
  • Messages from CEO/C suite personnel.
  • Videos
  • Branded quotes on pages.
  • Adding additional info/activities.
  • Adapt to different LMSs (SCORM 1.2 - SCORM 2004 Version 3)
  • Industry specific awareness editions
  • Customize page content
How our in-house development tool works:

DIF®, the Distributed Instruction Framework, is D2’s in-house tool for the development of interactive, multimedia-rich elearning courseware. The platform also provides a repository for the management and reuse of all content assets, enabling the rapid development and updating of courses.

Instructional designers and content developers can use DIF to produce engaging courseware using the appropriate blend of interactive content, including video and audio, interactive infographics, multi-learner simulations, 2D & 3D animations, and gaming. 

Relevant personnel work collaboratively, through the cloud, on the development, review, and distribution of courseware. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can review and add comments, while artists, programmers, and media specialists create and modify assets.

Based on a user’s role, they can author and modify courses, review courses in production, and/or check out media assets to revise and update content.

Some of our clients have opted to update and/or design their own courseware using our content development tool.

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