The D2 Cybersecurity Process

At D2 Cybersecurity, we believe that awareness is a comprehensive product of ongoing education, training, and communication. By combining online modules with simulated phishing campaigns into a total solution, the greatest rate of success can be achieved for your organization, as proven through D2’s past performance.

Through our AETC process, we thoroughly examine each organization’s position on cybersecurity practices and attitudes toward user behavior, designing a total solution that addresses their unique needs.

Initially, gaps in cybersecurity practices are identified within a target client base. These results can shape a tailored solution for effective behavioral change, and can be personalized for distinct groups of employees. D2’s interactive cybersecurity suite of modules form the basis for educational development of critical thinking skills necessary for operating technology in the workplace. As a training exercise, simulated phishing campaigns are sent out to end users, to reinforce the application of knowledge gained from their cybersecurity education. D2 implements periodic updates of courseware to increase ongoing communication of the latest cyber threats. Clients within similar industries are encouraged to share any cyber-related incidents, which are transformed into industry-specific mini case study modules.

An initial assessment is conducted on a group of employees to form the baseline for tailoring the program to address the identified gaps within your organization.
Our bite-sized, interactive educational modules form the foundational building block of the awareness program. With this knowledge, users will develop critical thinking skills required for solving cybersecurity problems and reflecting on their own cyber hygiene.
Users are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their cybersecurity awareness education to meaningful practice. In training activities, users develop skills that can be transferred to everyday usage as they navigate potential risks and technology best practices in the workplace and elsewhere.
Repetitive messaging over time is a vital key to learning and the formation of a cyber-awareness within your organization. Since cybersecurity is constantly evolving, our education and training is responsive to that trend. We are always improving course material and phishing scenarios as new information becomes relevant.
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